Saturday, November 19, 2011

Trip: Pasig Rainforest Park

Date Budget: PhP 50
Actual Spend: PhP 30
Quality: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Accessibility: 3/5
Fun Factor: 5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

  • Mini Zoo, Butterfly Garden, and Train Ride... all for just PhP 15 per person!
  • Sports and recreational facilities
  • Trees... lots of trees.

The Experience
Kirsten's morning class at UP-TMC was called off today, so we decided to make the most out of the free time.

We went for a jog at Pasig Rainforest Park, just a kilometer away from our house. After the quick jog under the shade of trees (a lot of trees!), we bought tickets to try their other attractions.

For Pasig City residents, each ticket was just PhP 5 each. This was five times more expensive compared to last year when everything was for free. 

We first went to their Mini Zoo where we saw some animals that you don't see everyday.

The colorful birds were a great attraction. There were also birds in their aviary but they were hiding behind the trees.

There were also several monkeys in the park. Some monkeys were on display outside their cages. They just had a leash on!

We also saw several cute little black pigs. A zookeeper took a baby pig out for us to view (hmmm... not really for us, it was for the kids who were in an educational tour).

There were also several ostriches in the park. These big birds, rare as they may look, are actually domesticated. In some places, they are actually farmed and sold for meat and leather (ostrich steak anyone?).

There were also a lot of crocodiles in the park (fake ones and real ones). Though not as big as Lolong, these reptiles were feared during the Ondoy days when it was rumored that several crocs escaped in the flood.

They also have a carabao with his very own personal spa!

There was also a section for snakes and other reptiles but Kirsten isn't up for those. It's worth a look though if you're not scared of snakes.

After the Mini Zoo, we went to the Butterfly Garden. At PhP 5 each, it was a steal! We got to see several species of butterflies in many different colors.

Some were even feeding on bananas placed in a plastic plate.

The attendant was also very kind to show us the cocoon cabinet.

There were also a lot of caterpillars in the cabinet. Some were even colored white, red, and black!

For our finale, we went for a train ride around the park. Kids had fun, and even us!

The train is a little cramped for adults... understandable 'cause it's a kiddie train!

For those who love the water, their swimming pool (with slides) admission fee is just PhP 60 per person (PhP 100 for non-Pasig City residents) while picnic cottages are at PhP 100 to 150 each. 

We had fun in Pasig Rainforest Park for a total of just PhP 30 in our spend-o-meter. Cheapest so far in Budget Dates' history!

Spend Breakdown (as of 19 November 2011)
Mini Zoo (for 2)
Butterfly Garden (for 2)10
Train Ride (for 2)10
Actual Spend

Activities and Rates
(as of 06 April 2013)
Activity ParticularsPasig ResidentNon-
Mini Train Ride One Round 1020
Mini Zoo
Butterfly Garden
Swimming Pool 3 hoursadult 80
kids 40
adult 150
kids 100
Table / Cottage 3 hours100-200100-200
Flower Fields
Zipline one way80130
two way130180
Wall Climbing 3 hours100150
succeeding hour/fraction5050
climbing shoes (fixed)3030
Adventure Park
(obstacle course, bmx, skate park)
3 hours50100
succeeding hour/fraction5050

How to get there

  1. From MRT Shaw Boulevard Station, walk to the back side (ADB Ave.) of EDSA Shangrila or Megamall.
  2. Ride an FX Shuttle (UV Express Service) with the Angono/Binangonan/Floodway sign board.
  3. Get off at the entrance of Rainforest Park (before Javier Bridge).

    Landmarks: Dr. Tam's Vegan House, Parkwood Greens Executive Village, Floodway, Pasig City General Hospital, Pasig City Science High School, Javier Bridge
    F. Legaspi Ave.
    Maybunga, Pasig City
    Contact Number/s:
    (632) 642-5280
    Operating Hours:
    8am-11am, 2pm-4pm (Mini Zoo and Butterfly Garden);

    9am-11am, 2pm-4pm (Train);
    7am-6pm (Swimming Pool); 5am-5pm (the rest of the park)
  4. View Larger Map
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